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Rockstar RS41X IN

Original price was: ₹4,980.00.Current price is: ₹4,085.00.

A compact yet powerful instrument designed for musicians of all levels. With its array of advanced features, including a 2-digit LED display, 32 keys, and a rich selection of voices and styles, the RS41X IN offers an exceptional playing experience tailored to both Western and Indian musical traditions.

Technical Specifications

Display 2-digit LED
Keyboard 32 keys
Polyphony 32
Voices 145 voices (Including 23 Indian)
Song 59 (Including 24 Indian)
Style 85 (Including 29 Indian)
Demo Song 4 (Including 2 Indian)
Demo Style 4 (Including 2 Indian)
Percussion Pad 5
Sustain Yes
Record & Playback Yes
Speakers 2 Large Speakers
Indian Style 31

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